"Home Is Where The Care Begins"

Carolinas Home Care Agency, Inc.  



Mission Statement

To Provide opportunities to live, learn, and grow by offering services and supports in which individuals can achieve their potential.


Carolinas Home Care Agency, Inc. reviewed client surveys, employee surveys, and stakeholder surveys for the third quarter of 2011. Reportedly Carolinas Home Care Agency did well in responding effectively and efficiently to clients referred to the agency receiving a rating of 92% satisfaction. Employees reported an overall satisfaction rating of 97%. The employees gave the agency a rating of 91% for providing effective training. Stakeholders rated the agency at 100% in clients receive quality care and the agency provides a needed service to the community. A client suggested for therapy hours to be extended for school children so they don’t have to miss school. Carolinas Home Care Agency extended therapy hours to 7pm on Mondays and Tuesday through Friday till 6pm to allow more opportunity to have therapy without missing school. Another suggestion, made by an employee, was for the agency to purchase additional van for the agency staff to use in day treatment and the group homes. Carolinas Home Care Agency purchased a van for the employees to use for transporting clients.

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Owner/Operator: Melody Campbell